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Carson’s Story

The day everything “went completely south” for Sue Ellen’s family is a day she’ll never forget. But after two years of extensive hard work, they went from “chaos” to what Sue Ellen describes now as “enjoyment and respect, and just having a family again.”

Before Sue Ellen’s son, Carson, came to stay with us at Four Oaks, everything made him angry. He thought coming to Four Oaks was going to be horrible. But by the end, he admits he thought it was “a nice place with nice people.” For Carson, his favorite part is how much he changed during the time he stayed with Four Oaks.


Carson, Sue Ellen and the rest of their family are now part of the TotalChild® Program. Even though Carson is stable now, he and his family have a team that works directly with them as a universal resource working to constantly help Carson and his sister, Oliva, become successful adults. One part of this team is Carson’s behavioral health worker—Kim–who he warmly calls “Kardashian.” He meets with Kim every other week, and they also have monthly family meetings. Olivia is proud of the changes she sees in herself and in her brother. She says they get along much more easily now, and that they both feel a lot better about themselves. Today, the charm and resilience of these siblings is immensely apparent.

Sue Ellen sees the difference in her children as well and wants other families to know what it’s like for Four Oaks to become a part of your family’s life. “It is the start of a new beginning. You think life is never going to get better. You think it will never improve. Once you become part of Four Oaks—whether it is placement in one of Four Oaks homes or working with TotalChild®—you have support, you have answers to all your questions, you learn so much about what might be causing your children to feel the way they do. Embrace it. Take advantage of everything Four Oaks offers: every class, every group meeting. The more involved you are with it, the better the results you will have.”



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