FY22 Annual Report: Success looks like our Integrated Service Team working together

Integrated Teams Ensure access to All Services available 

At Four Oaks, we know that working as a team across all our programs makes a difference to a family’s success.

That’s why we initiated an Integrated Service Team strategy in the Wellington Heights neighborhood of Cedar Rapids. The pilot program is comprised of staff from Four Oaks and the Affordable Housing Network, Inc. (AHNI), who coordinate to identify a family’s needs and ensure their access to all services available.

Applying Four Oaks’ TotalChild® philosophy, the Integrated Service Team addresses the whole family, supporting basic needs, health, education, employment, and housing. This encompasses the coordinated efforts of multiple programs, including: Community Support Specialists at local schools to identify families who need support; Integrated Health Home (IHH) to manage a child’s mental, behavioral and physical health; Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) to provide skills to youth with behavioral issues; and Supportive Housing to help secure and maintain stable housing.

Families meet their Integrated Service Team representatives at an initial consultation, and together they fill out the paperwork that is used for any service enrollment going forward. The team works with the family to construct a “Road Map” of goals and actions that will be taken to achieve the family’s objectives. The team meets regularly to discuss the family’s progress toward success, resulting in a safer and more stable home.

At Four Oaks, we expect big changes like the Wellington Heights Integrated Service Team will lead to big successes for our families.

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