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Learn what impact COVID-19 can have and how we are addressing challenges.

These unprecedented times can be stressful and full of uncertainty for everyone. For the youth and families we serve, the challenges can be amplified with deep, long-lasting consequences. Lost employment, increased childcare costs and other changes can make maintaining housing or basic needs impossible for many families in our community. The additional challenges to mental health can make it difficult for children or parents to maintain stability. For youth in out-of-home placements, the uncertainty and impact of not being able to see biological family can be traumatic.

That’s where we come in. At Four Oaks, we work daily to support families across Iowa, in areas including housing, mental health care, basic needs and more. During COVID-19, we are offering telehealth services including youth and family therapy, case management and housing support to fill the gaps children and families are facing every day. Together, we can Expect Success.

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What we're doing

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