Education Services

Collaborating with School Districts

Four Oaks collaborates with school districts across Iowa to create school-based programs that meet the needs of at-risk students.

Professional learning services

We provide customized workshops, coaching, and consultation services for Iowa schools. Our professional learning services encompass a large variety of trauma-informed and social-emotional learning topics including ACES, neuroscience and child development, regulation, staff self-care, basics of restorative practices, integrating social-emotional learning into academics, and community building circles.

school-based support services

Community Support Specialist

 The Community Support Specialist (CSS) role is a position hired and supervised by Four Oaks and then placed within the partner school district.

The CSS acts as a bridge between schools and community-based services and supports. This person connects with the family of “referred” students, builds relationships, and completes an assessment using Four Oaks matrix to determine with the family community-based services that could help meet their needs. (therapy, BHIS, housing, basic needs, medical, medication management, etc.)

Healthy Lifestyles

The Four Oaks Healthy Lifestyles Program was created in 2019 in order to provide a restorative approach to students who are suspended for violating school policy. By participating in this program, the student’s length of suspension is greatly reduced so that the student can return to school. The support consists of building skills and finding additional resources and support for families. Our education liaisons are employed by Four Oaks and focused on bridging the gap between students, their families, and the school. They use research-based skill streaming to address the concerns of the school and family. 


Therapeutic classroom coaching & consultation

With over a decade of experience in therapeutic classrooms, our Four Oaks Education Team can support districts with scheduling, establishing norms and routines, embedding social skills lessons, regulation practice, and transitioning back to a typical classroom setting. Our education liaisons are able to visit classrooms, consult with staff, and have staff visit one of our therapeutic classrooms to get some real trauma-informed experience in this setting.

If you are interested in funding opportunities for this type of work, the Department of Education has funding opportunities available for Therapeutic Classroom in school districts.


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