We Can Help

At Four Oaks, we offer a variety of services to help children and families be successful. The TotalChild® approach—where we serve children and families in an all-encompassing way—permeates everything we do.

Family Services

Four Oaks' family services wrap around families— involving practical information about child developmental milestones and parenting techniques to financial literacy, housing, and support in navigating the child's mental health and welfare systems.

Behavioral Health

Four Oaks provides behavioral health therapy and skill-building programs at its locations, in local schools, and in families’ homes. Skill-building programs address anger management, peer/family relationships, communication, problem-solving, social skills, and conflict resolution (and more). Additionally, nearly a dozen residential programs help children learn to manage their behaviors, improve self-esteem, and develop coping skills.


Educational programs play a preventative role by enriching childrens' school and life experiences. Four Oaks works with the Jane Boyd Achievement Academy, which operates afterschool and summer programs that provide a safe, healthy atmosphere for kids to learn and grow. Four Oaks also runs alternative classrooms specializing in conduct and mental health as well as after-school and summer programs for children who need extra support.

Child Welfare and Emergency Services

Working on multiple fronts Four Oaks recruits and retains foster parents, assists foster youth aging out of placement to become independent and self-sufficient adults, supports special needs adoptions, and provides emergency and temporary shelter services and supervision to runaway, homeless, delinquent, and transitional adolescents.

Juvenile Justice

Committed to helping kids not “bounce back into the system,” these Four Oaks programs work to help youth make positive changes in their lives, by reducing the likelihood of future involvement with the Criminal Justice system. Four Oaks offers several programs that help juvenile offenders stay in the community while learning skills to be successful. Additionally family therapy and residential placements for delinquent youth who need additional supports are offered—including some programs that specialize in serving juvenile sexual offenders.

Please email us or call 319-364-0259 to find out how we can help your family succeed. To learn more about our different programs please view our Glossary of Services.