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Four Oaks uses a holistic approach to addressing children’s needs, which has transformed the organization into a high performance, outcome-based culture.

Four Oaks’ TotalChild® approach addresses the key risk and protective factors across four domains: childhood basic needs, education & work, family, and community.

Our objective is to achieve positive short and long-term outcomes for children and their families facing multiple challenges including homelessness, lack of parenting skills, poverty, under or unemployment and unstable housing. We follow the child and their families for many years to help support long-term success.

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TotalChild® and Family Care

When a family comes to us through TotalChild®, they may be facing a variety of challenges including under or un-employment, mental health challenges, parenting or child's behavior issues, unstable housing, poverty and more. Through our holistic approach, we address the whole child and family to support them through their barriers to success.

In TotalChild®, we can

  • Educate parents and guardians about good parenting skills to help create a positive home environment.
  • Address mental health care issues including behavior and trauma.
  • Connect children and families with Four Oaks and community services to fill gaps.
  • Educate families about budgeting, household management and other life skills.
  • Help families establish stable, safe housing.
  • Assist adults in finding and maintaining stable employment that can support them and their families.
  • Collaborate with local school districts to create unique supports to meet the needs of struggling children.

Workforce Development

The second phase of TotalChild® focuses on youth from age 18 through 26 to help take them from poverty to paycheck. Our workforce development program addresses career readiness and placement skills including higher education and training, internships, job shadowing and more. We work on skills including budgeting, employment best practices, and more.

By partnering with community organizations and companies, we are able to provide real-life job shadowing and internship experiences, as well as equip the next generation of stable, contributing employees for the workforce.