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Every year Four Oaks delivers care and support to over 27,000 of Iowa's kids.

But how?

Instead of asking a child"What's wrong with you?", we ask "What happened to you?". All children deserve and receive our deepest respect, care, and attention. We are dedicated to addressing trauma and the impacts that lie beneath the surface of children and families in our community. Because we take mental and socio-emotional health seriously, we work everyday to provide the best possible care and treatment to those who need it most.

Four Oaks assures children become successful adults by addressing counterproductive patterns that harm future development and by addressing our community's social determinants of health. Learn more about our TotalChild® philosophy approach below in this brief video.

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At Four Oaks, we offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs. Click here to learn about behavioral, family services, affordable housing and more:

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There are multiple ways you can be involved whether you give monetarily, in-kind, or of your time. If you have something to offer your community, Four Oaks is connected and can help. Here's how you can help in more ways:

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Our main goal is to make sure children become successful adults. Find out how we do that here

What is TotalChild®?

Four Oaks’ TotalChild® approach addresses the key risk and protective factors across four domains: childhood basic needs, education & work, family, and community. Coined as the "North Star" of Four Oaks, find out what makes it so special here: