TotalChild Workforce Development

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Please contact Jamie Robinson, Program Manager, at 319-784-2267 or

In TotalChild® Workforce, we support teens and young adults through high school graduation, into and through post-secondary training or education, and into a stable job and self-sufficiency by age 26. By providing community mentors, job shadows and internships, education about employment best practices and more, we are empowering and equipping the next generation of our communities' valuable workers and productive citizens.


We partner with community mentors to provide in-person experience and guidance for TotalChild® youth. By offering a glimpse into what industries are available and how successful professionals have reached their professional goals, we can inspire, encourage and support our participants to reach their professional goals.

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Dondre's Story


"I am from a single parent household and haven’t always had the same access and support that a lot of my peers have. Through this program, I have been given the opportunity to explore many in-demand careers. I’ve been on job shadows and participated in business tours to figure out what I want to do. With my Success Manager’s support, I have decided to attend Kirkwood Community College this fall and major in one of their career

programs for a skilled trade profession. I have learned that I like to work with my hands and see a product that I have created. This program has helped me set goals and work each month to make progress on achieving them."

We are very proud of Dondre and can't wait to see where he goes, and how we can help him in TotalChild® Workforce. Way to go!

In the News

We are excited to continue to grow TotalChild® Workforce through community partnerships to empower youth and employers in our community.

We recently shared our vision, successes and goals for the pilot program with the Downtown Cedar Rapids Rotary. Together, we hope to continue to inspire and support more young adults and area businesses to create a strong community and strong individuals.

Check out our story with KCRG TV-9 to learn more about TotalChild® Workforce and how we are working to change lives.

TotalChild® Workforce participant
"You're going to see results. I was undecided about plenty of things and I've done so much this year already being in this cohort. I would I would tell any high school student to get involved. Someone is going to care and someone's going to help you whatever it is you want to be a part of or do."

Many thanks to our wonderful community partners

who help make this program possible: