You Can Help

Each day, someone asks us, “What can I do to help?” Whether you are able to support Four Oaks through gifts of time, talent or treasure, all gifts are equally important to making our mission a reality: assure children become successful adults.

Who do we serve?

Children and families come to come to us for help for many reasons, which is why each family we serve receives integrated personalized care. Each child is cared for as a unique, special someone who matters. Children may come to us with psychiatric and emotional problems; they stay with us until they feel secure. Some have been in trouble with the law, got into drugs or ran away from home; that’s when we work with them to teach them healthier ways to live. Others have challenges in the classroom; we teach them in a way that works for them. And when kids need a safe, secure home, we find foster care or a forever family.

We know that when children hurdle all obstacles to success, whether it be housing, education, family stability or safety; our families, homes, neighborhoods and communities are stronger. YOU are the reason this is possible.

Ready to start making a difference? Here are a few options:

Have a unique way that you would like to support Four Oaks? Contact us at or 319-364-0259.