Partnership of Agencies

Four Oaks Family of Agencies

One of the many ways Four Oaks assures success for kids and families is by partnering with our affiliate organization. These partners enable us to expand on the services we provide in both depth and geography. Together, Four Oaks and the Affordable Housing Network make up the Four Oaks Family of Agencies.



The Four Oaks Enterprise comprised of Four Oaks and Affordable Housing Network, Inc work together to best serve children and families across Iowa. By combining resources and collaborating across programs and sites, we are able to create a continuum of care to address a variety of barriers to success. This comprehensive approach creates improved, more long-lasting results for those we serve.

Four Oaks

Four Oaks exists to help Iowa’s children and families. We assure success through the use of innovative services that bring the child, family, and community together to build a stronger tomorrow.

Affordable Housing Network, Inc.

The Affordable Housing Network, Inc. (AHNI) is dedicated to providing affordable housing throughout the Cedar Rapids metro area, offering a wide variety of housing options to call home. AHNI offers quality housing to individuals and families. The organization strives to develop healthy and vibrant housing communities by connecting residents with services that meet their needs. AHNI has been a Four Oaks affiliate since its founding in 2007.