Community-Based Services


Four Oaks provides community-based services to allow children to remain in their home, preventing the need for follow-up treatment and puts at-risk children and families back on the track to success.


Education Services

Four Oaks collaborates with school districts across Iowa to create school-based programs that meet the needs of at-risk students.

Our programs teach students to understand the impact of their choices, identify alternative strategies, and practice self-management skills.

Therapy Services

Four Oaks therapy services offer specialized, expert care for both in-patient and out-patient clients on their journey to a sound mind. Mental health matters and our team of caring therapists are here to serve.

TotalChild® Workforce

In TotalChild® Workforce, we support teens and young adults through high school graduation, into and through post-secondary training or education, and into a stable job and self-sufficiency by age 26. By providing community mentors, job shadows and internships, education about employment best practices and more, we are empowering and equipping the next generation of our communities’ valuable workers and productive citizens.

Family-Centered Services

Connecting communities and Families

Get Help

How Can We Help?

Are looking for help for a child you love or maybe you want to find a way that you can help make a difference in your community. Whatever the case, we are thankful you are here. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.