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Mental Health

The youth we serve – many of who already experience complex mental health or behavioral challenges – may have many feelings about the current situation.

Many have doubts, fears and disappointments surrounding the necessary changes. Due to social distancing, youth who are in foster care or residential care are unable to see biological family in person. Youth who normally have the structure and stability of school may feel lost without that routine and support.

Uncertain or stressful circumstances can make processing past trauma and difficult experiences more challenging. Youth may have difficulty processing their feelings about the changing situation.

At Four Oaks, our Trauma-Informed Care approach focuses on addressing underlying causes of behaviors and barriers, including challenges like COVID-19. Our team is working daily to provide the support, structure and assistance our youth and families need, from residential care, to affordable housing, to individual and family therapy.

If you believe you or your child would benefit from mental health care during this time, please contact us at 319-364-0249. We can help connect you with professional care, resources and more.

Safety at Home

While many people are being asked to stay safe at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, that can look different for some members of our community. Unfortunately, sometimes the home is not a safe environment for children, who may experience neglect, hunger, or abuse.

"Kids are home, so they are not in front of teachers and other school officials. They are not in sports activities and the normal health care medical visits are not there. In all those ways, plus families having to shelter at home, there is much more isolation."
Anne Gruenewald
Four Oaks President and CEO

During this time, we are closely supporting families who may need additional help or resources to maintain a stable, safe home environment. We offer modified in-person services, as well as a wide variety of telehealth services. If you believe you or someone you know may need assistance, please contact us at 319-364-0249.

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Hear from Four Oaks' President and CEO about additional risks for youth at home during COVID-19


Basic Necessities

Certainly many people are experiencing challenges during COVID-19. For the youth and families we serve, many of who may already struggle to maintain basic necessities and stability, the added crisis can make daily life more difficult.

Parents may suddenly find that they are unable to provide adequate food, clothing, hygiene products or other necessities for their children or themselves due to loss of income or increased expenses.

Due to safety precautions, community resources can also change, including the availability of public transportation, food assistance, low cost or free clothing and more. With reduced resources and limited opportunities, many families can experience challenges fulfilling their family’s basic needs.

You can partner with us to provide a child or family with basic items they need during this crisis by shopping on our agency’s Amazon Wishlist!



Are looking for help for a child you love or maybe you want to find a way that you can help make a difference in your community. Whatever the case, we are thankful you are here. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.