What We’re Doing

Together, we can expect success.

Connecting Community

At our youth shelter in Independence, IA, youth wanted to reach out to those who may be struggling with social distancing and self quarantine. The youth aren’t living at home right now, and they wanted to connect with others in the same situation. The conversations lead to individuals in nursing homes who aren’t able to have visitors and how lonely that must be. The youth wanted to do something, so they created homemade cards and friendship bracelets. The youth wanted to let the residents in the nursing home know that they did have friends who were thinking of them. The youth enjoyed the opportunity to impact others in a positive way and reach out to other members of the community. They are working on new art and projects to send to other community members who may be struggling during COVID-19.

Youth at one Four Oaks residential shelter found creative ways to connect with other members of their community who are away from their family.

Protecting Each Other

When Four Oaks and other Iowa agencies found we needed additional hand sanitizer to help youth, families and staff remain healthy, Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery stepped in. DHS arranged with Cedar Ridge to provide hand santizer for DHS staff and many providers who provide services to DHS clients. Four Oaks served as the “eastern hub” for agencies in our area. Thank you to Cedar Ridge for supporting the many local providers helping children and families in our communities!

Listen to Debbie Craig, Four Oaks’ Chief Advocacy Officer, talk about Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery’s generous partnership to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Responding with Flexibility

Unprecedented times require creativity and ingenuity. At Four Oaks, we continually look at the needs of our community and staff to best fulfill those needs. Changes in response to COVID-19 include expanded telehealth and video conference services, modified curriculums and trauma-informed care methods, and more. If you feel that you or a loved one needs support during this time, please call us at 319-364-0259. Our team remains flexible, dedicated, and passionate when navigating the changing COVID-19 situation. As things change, we will continue to rise to the challenge to help youth and families in our community. We are here to help. Together, we can Expect Success.

Staff and volunteers have helped make masks to help increase safety measures for Four Oaks staff, youth, and families.



Are looking for help for a child you love or maybe you want to find a way that you can help make a difference in your community. Whatever the case, we are thankful you are here. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.